Website Improvements

A great deal of behind the scenes work has been taking place on the website over the past two months. Much of this has gone unnoticed by definition of what is being done, but here is a quick summary of what has been going on .

The online library has been moved to a new location, from a sub domain to a sub directory. This is simply for efficiency and storage. More than 5000 digital books requires an extremely large repository and cataloging system. The new library will be released soon.

The secretaries area is no longer required and has been sidelined. However, this can be regenerated if there proves to be a demand for it.

The platform the website is built upon, WordPress, was recently upgraded to Version 5 and this was a major update that included a completely new method of applying content and a new editor. Indeed, as recently as this morning V5 received a new release update from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1, but this was minor and caused no issues.

Several new plugins have been installed including the latest Google v3 captcha facility to help prevent spam being generated by bots via our various contact forms.

Also our firewalls and anti-intrusion measures are continuously updated to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our visitors.

The latest GDPR privacy regulations were studied and our procedures improved to comply with the legislation. A quick simple sentence, but no easy task that took many hours to implement.

The calendar is being updated with all received syllabus’, and the backlog is being whittled away steadily. It takes roughly one hour to apply a lodge syllabus, but this then allows the system to generate many other pages from the core information such as “Events in the Next Week” and various other lists of EA, FC and MM meetings

Our site is vibrant and will be pushing new features in the coming weeks as we strive to make this a centre of masonic excellence and a hub of information exchange.

It is hoped brethren will visit and contribute as often as possible.

Even with the library being offline we received 1500 visitors during the month of November and this is very encouraging. We hope to see this increase in the months ahead.