Unique Meeting at Lodge Captain Speirs No.791

On Tuesday 12 March 2019 the PGL of Renfrewshire East visited Lodge Captain Speirs to conduct their Annual Visit. After the official business of the visit was complete with a Clear Minute being recorded in their Minute Book, Lodge Captain Speirs initiated two candidates.

Having two candidates being initiated on the same evening is becoming more rare these days – however this event was unique for the following reason.

The candidates were Grandfather and Grandson, very rare on its own, however the RWM Brother Duncan McDonald PM was proposer of both of these gentlemen – his dad and son.

Both candidates were obligated by the RWM. It was a privilege to see three generations around the altar during the ceremony.

The RWM Brother Duncan McDonald PM was congratulated on this unique event. Both new Entered Apprentices, Brother Duncan McDonald Snr (aged 82) and Brother Fraser McDonald (aged 24) were welcomed into the Province by SPGM Brother J. Gavin Burt.