Unique Evening at Lodge Nitshill No.1478

The large number of Brethren who attended a special meeting of Lodge Nitshill No.1478 on Monday, 18th June, were treated to a very rare Masonic event.

For no fewer than FIVE members of the lodge are currently serving as RWMs of lodges within and outwith the Province of Renfrewshire East.

Along with an IPM – also a member of Lodge Nitshill – they were brought together to confer a MM Degree.

The RWMs involved were:  Bro. Charlie Hamilton, RWM of Lodge Nitshill No.1478; Bro. David Jack, RWM of Lodge Glasgow St. John 3bis; Bro. David Allan, RWM of Lodge Union and Crown, Glasgow, No.103; Bro. Terry Robinson RWM of Lodge Thorntree No. 512 and Bro. Keith Hodgson, RWM of Lodge Glasgow Star No.219.  They were joined by Bro. David Bannerman, IPM of Lodge Glasgow St John 3bis.

The line-up of RWMs involved along with SPGMs Bro. Gavin Burt and Bro. Chris Kerr and Bro. Ian Todd PM of Lodge Nitshill

The evening began with RWM Bro. Charlie Hamilton opening his lodge. He then welcomed a Deputation from PGLRE headed by SPGM Bro. Gavin Burt.  The RWM then handed over to PM Bro. Ian Todd and retired to join the other RWMs outside the temple.

Bro. Ian Todd then welcomed the Deputation of RWMs headed by RWM Bro. David Jack – a PM of Lodge Nitshill – who told the 73 assembled Brethren that the evening’s event was unique in the history Lodge Nitshill and very rare in Freemasonry that so many members of one lodge were serving as RWMs at the same time.

A superbly executed exemplary MM Degree then followed with Bro. Nicky Hynd, RWM of Lodge Union & Crown No.307 standing in as candidate.

Invited to comment on the work of the evening on behalf of the visitors, Bro. Thomas Ballingham, RWM of Lodge Ancient Stirling No.30, described it as “outstanding” and referred to the unique set of circumstances that had so many members of one lodge serving as RWMs at the same time. He also praised those who had organised the event so efficiently.