Superb Lodge Nitshill Crew EAD at EK – Kil Bryde 5/1/18


Congratulations to RWM Charles Hamilton & the degree instruction class/conferring team of Lodge Nitshill 1478 tonight who were an absolute delight to watch at Lodge Kil Bryd 1667.. a super polished performance by all at an EAD.. you could truly hear a pin drop throughout!

Congratulations too to the candidate Bro Meldrum.. (unbelievably from EK & not related to ‘Our Michael’ of PGLRE- lol!) Bro Meldrum paid very special attention indeed to the instructions given by supporting RWM of Lodge Thorntree 512, Bro T Robinson, .. an expert ritualist who ‘helped out’ between his Mother & affiliated lodges tonight..

Always a treat to watch you ‘Bro Baldrick’ lol … All in all a super thing to witness. Thanks to you all Brethren!