Speeding up the website



With the assistance of a few techie friends we have introduced a facility to speed up the delivery of pages on the website. This goes under the general technical term of “caching” which in basic language means that a static copy of a page is created and stored the first time it is requested, and on subsequent requests the stored version is shown which is much faster.

We have implemented and tested several different caching mechanisms over the past two weeks, and we believe the one we have decided on provides all of the features we require with a relative ease of management which is a big factor.

We also leverage something called browser caching which is where certain components of the website such as images remain stored / cached on your computer, meaning that when subsequent requests for a previously viewed image are made, the image is compiled into the page from your local stored copy instead of being sent all the way from our server to your computer again, which would be pointless when it is already there. This helps speed up overall page load times.

The reason for caching  is quite simple. Because the website is dynamically driven when a page is requested several different functions are called upon to compile and create the page being asked for, the database may be queried for several parts while other sections of the website engine may be asked to provide “pieces of the jigsaw” before the final page including images is delivered to the visitor by the webserver.

All of this happens fairly quickly anyway, in fractions of a second, but when there are many different visitors on site simultaneously, demand for resources can become intensive hence the new caching system.

We have also implemented a high compression engine which compresses files on the server making them smaller and therefore quicker to deliver from our server to your computer. Your browser automatically decompresses the content providing quicker access to pages for you.

Apologies if this is a little technical, but we wish wherever possible to let visitors know that we do everything possible to make the PGLRE website experience as pleasant as possible.

As usual, if anyone notices anything acting strangely or misbehaving please use the contact page to let us know and we will correct any errors.

Finally, if after reading this you have blood coming from your eyes, a severe headache, or any other unexpected symptoms, please seek immediate medical advice and attention.