Special Meeting at Moorpark


On behalf of the R. W. M.  Bro. Andrew Dickinson, P. M.s, O. B.s, and Brethren of Lodge Moorpark Renfrew 1263 extend a warm invitation to all Fellowcrafts to attend a special meeting of the 8 remaining lodges chartered  on 5 May 1921

This will take place on Saturday 5 May this year at Lodge Moorpark.

These lodges are from across Scotland making this an unique event.
The degree will be a Fellowcraft confered by the R.W.M.s  of the 1921 lodges

Lodge Battlefield 1258.
Lodge Bishopbriggs 1259.
Lodge Earl Haigh 1260.
Lodge Stanley 1262.
Lodge Eaglesham 1265.
Lodge Water of Leith 1267.
Lodge St.Andrew 1269.
The club will open at 2pm and the lodge will tyle  at 4pm.
Dinner (F.O.C.) and harmony will follow.

We look forward to your company on the day.

Kenny Wark

P. M. Secretary