Remembering Passwords


Remembering passwords can be a tiresome task with so many of them required nowadays.
Unfortunately in today’s modern world the use of simple passwords is an open invitation for them to be compromised very easily, and this is why our system prevents the use of simple passwords.

Trying to type a long-ish password with various characters can often lead to mistakes, rejection and frustration, but there are a few simple solutions to this problem.

Using copy and paste is much easier instead of typing character by character and almost always works.

The only time copy and paste tends to fail is when an extra piece of white-space is accidentally copied before or after the password, and when this is entered into the login box it is rejected because the extra white-space is not part of the password.

Another reason for using copy and paste is that some characters look very similar, for instance uppercase I for India and lowercase l for lemon

A few misses and a lockout happens.
It is possible to use your own computer and browser to store them for you, but here is a free piece of software to help you with the task. It is called Password Safe

Thanks to Alex for reminding me of this one.

It takes only a few minutes to install and requires that you create and remember one Master Password which you use to unlock all the others. If you forget this Master Password you are unfortunately stuffed as no recovery feature exists in the software to get it back as that would make the software susceptible to compromise.

That aside it is a simple tool to use.

The link to grab it is below, but before rushing ahead please take heed of this precaution – by all means go ahead and get the software, it is free, long established with more than 4 million downloads, and is very easy to use. But for the first week or two retain whatever method you currently use to store passwords until you are confident with Password Safe before dumping your old method.

Of course, if you are satisfied with your current method then there is no need for Password Safe unless you are curious and want to see how it works. It really is very easy to operate and security is a major factor. Four million users means this is a stable and robust product and it is also free.

What more can you ask for?

It says “Installation in minutes on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8”
Under the Frequently Asked Questions link it also says it is ok with Windows 10

For info, no one should be using Windows XP as Microsoft stopped supporting it ages ago.

Here is a link to Password Safe

I would also like to add that after installing this software if your computer melts, your hair falls out, or a meteorite hits your house I’m not responsible.

PGLRE is not endorsing this software, but my personal opinion is it is definitely worth considering.