Remember Me on Login Page


computer-userThere seems to be a little confusion regarding the Remember Me tick box on Login Pages.

Thanks to Bro J Mair at Lodge Garthland St Winnoch 205 for bringing it to our attention.

The Remember Me box seems to have given the impression that when ticked members will not have to enter their login details again when returning to the website on subsequent visits. This is not the case.

The explanation that follows will be a little technical, but much has been deliberately left out as some techie-speak has been known to leave unfortunate readers with their ears bleeding and we would not wish that upon any innocent knowledge seeker.

Firstly, every computer user, regardless of which browser they use or operating system they have on their machine has the option within their own machine and browser to remember passwords for them. This has been the case for at least 20 years.

green-round-tickThe Remember Me box on our login pages is designed for another purpose entirely. There are many areas on the PGLRE website that are actually mini-websites in their own right with different purposes, authors, editors, and administrators.

The Remember Me facility is designed so that a logged in website user does not need to login to these different areas with another password.

Using sessions and session cookies and a few other methods a logged in user has their details carried forward by the system from area to area, which for instance is why a logged in user can move from the main website to the library without having to login again even though the library is programatically  essentially a different website from the main PGLRE website.

Without this Remember Me feature separate logins would be required.


So, in simple terms, it is best to use your own computer to save passwords for you, and there are plenty of secure password managers available some of which come with Anti-Virus packages (Norton has one) –  the Remember Me facility has another purpose.

I hope this helps to answer the questions raised, but do not hesitate to post a reply with any further questions and myself or Bro David from Lodge 307 will do our best to answer them.

ps, if you notice your ears are now bleeding, do not delay and phone an ambulance immediately !