Reigning Masters Confer Degree

The following is posted on behalf of Ian Bell PM Secretary 524

“The inaugural Reigning Masters from the West of the Province conferring the EA degree in the East of the Province, took place at Lodge St. Andrew, East Kilbride, 524, on Tuesday 22nd March, and was attended by 102 Brethren from within and out with the Province.

I would like to thank ALL who attended, in particular, the very large deputation from PGL and also especially the 13 Reigning Masters from the Lodges who took parts, sometimes unfamiliar to them.

The degree was of exceptional quality and I am sure that the two candidates will remember it throughout their,hopefully, long Masonic career.

The feedback, so far, has been excellent and as I said on the night I had the easy part in just handing out parts of the degree, the Reigning Masters had the hard job of getting the work done, and again I thank them for all their efforts.  For the support from PGL and all the relevant Lodges I once again give my thanks.

Plans are already under way for the East Reigning Masters to confer a MM degree at 1414 on 22nd May 2017, and hope this will further encourage greater visitations between Lodges in the East and those in the West, both formal and informal.  Once again I say a big thank you to all involved.
Yours faithfully and fraternally,