PPGM Bro. Frank Johnstone reaches 50 year milestone

The illustrious Masonic career of PPGM Bro. Frank Johnstone reached a new milestone on Monday, 16th January, when he was presented with a certificate recording 50 years as a member of the Craft.

PPGM Bro. Frank Johnstone with his 50-year Diploma along with PGM Bro. John S. Miller, RWM Bro. Edward Chamberlain and PGM Designate Bro. Neil Fraser

Appropriately it was presented by the current PGM Bro. John S. Miller on a special evening of celebration for Lodge The Royal Stuart No 1414 as his Jubilee coincided with the Lodge’s 70th Anniversary.

The pinnacle of Bro. Frank Johnstone’s Masonic career came when he served as the Province of Renfrewshire East as its PGM in 1997 – 2002. He had earlier served as RWM of his Mother Lodge in 1977 – 78.

During his time as PGM – along with the late Bro. Andrew Hosie – he instigated a Masonic education programme which was the forerunner of the on-going programme of education that plays such an important part in the work of the Province today.

Making the presentation, PGM Bro. John S. Miller paid tribute to the active role that Bro. Frank Johnstone still plays in the education programme and in organising the current research programme (The Study Group) involving Lodges within and outwith the Province and thanked him for his valued assistance and advice over the years.

PPGM Bro. Frank Johnstone was praised for his long years of service to the Province

RWM of Lodge The Royal Stuart, Bro. Edward Chamberlain reminded the Brethren that the Lodge’s on-going relationship with Lodge Albrecht Wolfgang in Germany was founded by Bro. Frank Johnstone almost 40 years ago and also commented on the fact that his knowledge of, and commitment to, the Craft is widely sought.

The RWM added: “Due to a recent bout of ill-health, Bro. Frank has recently been missed within the Lodge and Province, so we were delighted he was able to attend on 16th January to receive his 50-year Diploma.”

Photos provided by SPGM Bro. Robert McPhee