PGLRE Tri-Annual at Lodge Moorpark No.1263

The PGLRE Tri-Annual meeting was held at Lodge Moorpark No.1263 in Renfrew on Friday, 26 October.

RWPGM Bro. Neil Fraser welcomed a large turnout of Brethren from across the Province and invited the RWM of Lodge Moorpark, Bro. Andrew Dickenson to join him in the East thanking him and his Brethren for the use of the premises.

Obituaries were given in respect of Bro. John Kerr PPGSW and PM of the Lodge of Erskine No.1566; Bro. John Smith PM of Lodge Kil Bryd No 1667 and Bro John Gough PM of Lodge Pollokshaws Royal Arch No.153.

In his Almoners report that followed, Bro. Douglas Fulton also paid tribute to Bro. Robert McCulloch PM of Lodge Thistle & Crown No. 1167.

PPGM Bro, David A. Reid reported that this year’s Garden Fete at Marcus Humphrey House together with a Texas Scramble golf tournament had raised more than £8,000.

He also thanked the Brethren for the large turnout at Paisley Cenotaph in August when the Widows Sons masonic motorcycle group visited the Province as part of a country-wide fund raising effort for Poppyscotland adding that so far £50,000 had been raised.

The PGM Bro. Neil Fraser said that SPGM Bro. Chris Kerr and PG Chaplain Bro. Rev. Robert Craig had resigned from office due to health and work commitments and thanked them both warmly for all their work.

RWPGM Bro. Neil Fraser welcomes Bro. Ronnie Fraser PM as newly obligated SPGM

He then installed Bro. Ronald Fraser, PG Secretary, as a new SPGM and Bro. Ian Todd PM as the new PG Secretary thanking them both for their willingness to take up their new positions.

RWPGM Bro. Neil Fraser with his newly obligated PG Secretary, Bro. Ian Todd PM

The annual sports prize giving then took place with trophies being presented by Bro. Donnie Connell, Bowling Convener, and Bro. Scott Bogle, Golf Convener, respectively.

In bowling the Blythswood Cup was won by the team from Lodge Craigends No.1042, the Craigends Quaich was won by Lodge Thorntree No. 512 with a team composed of Bro. Meechan, Bro. Stuart Lauder and Bro. Tommy Kempton Jnr. The Sam Love Pairs was also won by Lodge Thorntree with the team of Bro. Robert Brown and Bro. Tommy Kempton Jnr.

Some of the sporting champions celebrate and take the opportunity to show off their silverware.

In golf the Mcmenemy trophy was won by Bro. Les Meneely and Bro. Andrew Forrest of Lodge St Barchan No. 156.  The Major Allan cup was retained for the second year by Bro. Alistair Young and Bro. David Park of Lodge St. Conval No.1359 and the Robert Watt trophy was won by Bro. Davy Roberts of Lodge Houston St. Johnstone No.242.

Before closing the meeting, PGM Bro, Neil Fraser informed the Brethren that Grand Lodge had confirmed the appointment of IPPGM Bro. John S. Miller as Junior Grand Standard Bearer and PPGM Bro. David A. Reid as Grand Jeweller and noted that Bro. William “Bud” Gauld continued to do a fine job as Grand Director of Ceremonies.

He also reminded the Brethren that the Mother Lodge of Grand Master Mason Elect, Bro. Ramsey McGhee was Lodge St Barchan No. 156.