PGLRE Annual Meeting and Installation

RWPGM Bro. John S. Miller chaired the Annual Meeting and Installation of Office-Bearers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East on Saturday, 30 January 2016, in the premises of Lodge Nitshill No.1478.

The RWPGM expressed his grateful thanks to the RWM, Office Bearers and Brethren of Lodge Nitshill for their co-operation and assistance in organising and setting up the Annual Meeting.


Following the constitution and opening of Provincial Grand Lodge, a Deputation of Sister Provincial Grand Lodges of Ayr, Dumfries, Galloway, Glasgow, Kilwinning, Renfrewshire West, and Stirlingshire, headed by RWPGM Bro. T.Wilson Aitken of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning and a Deputation from Grand Lodge headed by RWPDGM Bro. Archibald M. McGown were admitted and welcomed by PGM Bro. John S. Miller.

Eulogies were given in respect of Bro. Tom Collie PM of Lodge Prince of Wales No.426; Bro. Alex Gray PM of Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No.116; Bro. Oliver Adair PM of Lodge St Conval Giffnock No. 1359 and Bro. Brian Beacom MBE, PM of Lodge Nitshill No.1478..

After normal PGLRE business had been concluded, the Installation of Provincial Grand Lodge Office-Bearers and Stewards was undertaken by PGM Bro. John S. Miller in a most proficient manner.


The new Senior Provincial Grand Warden, Bro. George Bell
The new Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Bro. George Bell


Following the ceremony PGM Bro. John S. Miller presented Bro. Terry Robinson with a Past Provincial Grand Warden’s Apron and thanked him warmly for his diligent work.

Bro. Colin MCartney PM, who had recently retired from the post of PG Almoner after nine years service, was given the rank of Honorary Grand Almoner the certificate being presented by PDGM, Bro. Archibald M. McGown.

Honorary Provincial Grand rank of Assistant Secretary was then bestowed on Bro. John McMillan PM and Treasurer for the last 20 years of Lodge Thorntree No. 512 and Bro. Alan Graham PM of Lodge Craigends No.1042 and former PG Assistant Secretary.  Bro, William Dick, an Affiliate of Lodge Douglas No.1557, and the lodge’s Almoner for 25 years, was made Honorary Provincial Grand Almoner.

In an address to the Brethren, PGM Bro. John S. Miller, said that he was not seeking re-election as PGM and that DPGM Bro. Neil Fraser had agreed to have his name put forward.

The PGM spoke of the ongoing success of the Intender training programme and other educational initiatives including a “walk through” Degree being progressed by Bro. Ronnie Fraser and plans for future study groups organised by SPGM Bro. Dr. Iain McPhee and PPGM Bro. Frank Johnstone.

The PGM asked the relevant Lodges to take up the invitation sent by Lodge St Andrew No.524 with reference to a Degree to be undertaken at 524 by reigning RWMs. The PGM also invited the Lodges to take up the Zip Line Challenge on 14th May in support of Prostrate Scotland.  The names of volunteers should be passed to the PG Secretary as soon as possible,

PDGM Bro. Archibald M. McGown commented that the Province of Renfrewshire East was in good heart and spoke highly of the “enlightened” programmes being carried out.

Congratulating PGM Bro. John S. Miller on the ritual, dignity and humour demonstrated during the Installation PGM Kilwinning, Bro. T. Wilson Aitken, commented on the fact that the hall was packed for the occasion..

PG Treasurer Bro Clark Leiper lubricates his throat before performing
PG Treasurer Bro Clark Leiper lubricates his throat before performing


The Harmony that followed was on a Burns Night theme with the haggis piped in by Provincial Grand Piper Bro. George Paul and ably addressed by SPGM Bro. Willie Fleming.

Other entertainment was provided by PG Treasurer, Bro. Clark Leiper, and Bro. Razvan Luculesu who had earlier been installed as PG Organist in place of the late Bro. Brian Beacom MBE