Next Event Countdown Timer


A Next Event countdown timer has been added to our homepage. This feature pulls from the calendar the next scheduled event, starts a countdown, and also produces a title which is linked to the actual event page.

When the countdown runs out, reloading, refreshing or revisiting the page shows the next event in the Calendar.

We have one small issue at present and that is the timer is fine on PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, iPads and other devices, but unfortunately is misbehaving on phones. We are looking for a fix for this issue as is now officially recognised by Google as Mobile-friendly.

We must admit to being pleased at this accreditation as there are millions of websites that never achieve this status so rest assured if it is technically possible to render the countdown correctly on mobile devices it will be implemented as soon as possible.  (SOLVED – see below)

If there’s anyone who has any ideas please use the contact page to suggest any potential solution.

Below is a screenshot of a Google search by phone showing our Mobile-friendly status