New VSL Consecrated at Lodge Newton Mearns No.1706

A new Bible was consecrated at a ceremony during the PGL Annual Visitation to Lodge Newton Mearns No.1706 on Thursday, 18th April 2019.

The Bible – suitably inscribed with the lodge name on the cover – had been donated by Honorary Member of Lodge Newton Mearns, Bro. David Bloomfield PPGM of Kilwinning.

Bro. David Bloomfield. PPGM of Kilwinning and HM of 1706; Pastor Bro. William Shirlaw, PG Chaplain, with the newly donated Bible, and RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah, holding the Quran.

The consecration was carried out by PGLRE Grand Chaplain, Pastor Bro. William Shirlaw in a dignified and fitting ceremony.

Afterwards Bro. David Bloomfield said: “When I discovered Lodge Newton Mearns was in need of a new Bible, it was my privilege and pleasure to obtain one and donate it to the lodge.

“I am very proud to be an Honorary Member of this fine lodge and am always happy to help in any way I can.”

RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah said: “We are very grateful to Bro. David Bloomfield for his very generous donation of the Bible which will take pride of place along side the Quran as VSLs on our Altar.

“We are also very grateful to Pastor Bro. William Shirlaw for coming along as part of the PGLRE Deputation headed by SPGM Bro. Gavin Burt and carrying out such an interesting and dignified consecration ceremony.”

The RWM added: “We were also delighted to have received a `clear minute` during the Annual Visitation.”

Following the Visitation the Office Bearers of 1706 carried out a “live” FC Degree on Bro. Lake Sharma.