New Masons Forum – Visitations

Hello Brethren,

Back in May 2017, members of the New Masons Forum ( NMF ) set a target of collectively making 100 visitations by May 2018. It was a slow start, but soon we were gathering momentum, what made it easier was that members would share planned visits and support each other through our degrees.

By the end of May 2018, the members of the NMF had exceeded their target by making 103 visitations in total. They had managed 60 visits over 22 Lodges within the province and a further 43 visits over 35 Lodges out with the province.

The top visited Lodges were Lodge Burnside No 1361 and Lodge Union and Crown No 307 with 6 visits each.

These were popular for the following reasons: firstly to support a NMF member going through his 2nd and 3rd degree and secondly to take in a reigning master’s degree and watch the dramatisation “prisoners of war”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the Lodges which we visited for their warmth and hospitality, it’s not easy visiting a new Lodge where you don’t know someone, hence the safety in numbers approach but all members had noted how well they had been received by every Lodge.

For the Lodges that we didn’t get round to visiting, hopefully we can put that right this session.

 So if you see a new face at your Lodge meetings, feel free to come and talk to us, also if you fancy visiting more Lodges or want more information regarding the NMF please to contact us,

Fraternally yours