New Event Page Feature

Clicking an event in the Calendar produces a page with more information about the event including the address, map, start times and any other information supplied by the event organiser.

A new feature has been added to these event pages.

Underneath the map is the facility to make a comment on the event. Once submitted a small excerpt will also appear anywhere there is a Recent Comments box which will link to the comment in the event page.

This feature has been added to January events and will be added to the others in the calendar as time permits. Can all lodges who have not sent their syllabus for inclusion in the calendar please use the contact page and send an email with the details.

Please do not send a printed syllabus as re-typing its details would take more time than available. Copying a digital syllabus into the Calendar event by event takes quite some time but is manageable, whereas a printed one would not be.