Past Provincial Substitute PGMs

1988-1992 Archibald M. McGown Lodge Burnside No.1361
1992-1997 Duncan McG. Tennent Lodge Thorntree No.512
1997-2002 Andrew G. G. McFadden Lodge Albert Edward No.592
2002-2007 David Bannerman Lodge Nitshill No.1478
2002-2010 Kevin Pollock Lodge Craigends No.1042
2012-2013 Robin Barker Lodge Eaglesham No.1265
2010–2017 Iain McPhee The Lodge of Erskine No.1566
2012–2017 William J. Fleming Lodge Craigends 1042
2017-2018 Christopher D. Kerr Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning  370
Past Provincial Grand Secretaries 
1999-2002 J. Ian Duncan Lodge St. John’s Operative No.347
2007-2012 R. Evans Reid Lodge Union & Crown No.307
2012–2017 N. Grant Macleod Lodge Houstoun St Johnstone 242
2017-2018 Ronald E. Fraser Lodge McLaren 1688


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