Commissioned Office Bearers

Provincial Grand Master
Neil Fraser, PM 156
Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master
John S Miller, PM 1167, PM 1434
Depute Provincial Grand Master
Robert McPhee, PM 1566
Substitute Provincial Grand Master
J. Gavin Burt, PM 153
Substitute Provincial Grand Master
Alick Currie, PM 1359
Substitute Provincial Grand Master 
Ronald E. Fraser, PM 1688
Provincial Grand Chaplain
Pastor William Shirlaw, PM 1453
Provincial Grand Chaplain
Rev Ian Ramsden PM 713
ian ramsden


Office Bearers 2018 -19

Senior Warden – Neil Terras
Junior Warden – David Watt
Treasurer – J. Clark Leiper
Almoner – Douglas Fulton
Senior Deacon – Gordon Campbell
Junior Deacon – Michael Meldrum
Director of Ceremonies – Brian Shields
Assistant DOC – Andrew Greig
Architect – Jim Scott
Jeweller – Hugh Gilmour
Bible Bearer – John Lang
Bard – David Watson
Sword Bearer – Jamie Barton
Assistant Treasurer – Scott Bogle
Organist – Razvan Luculescu
Piper – Michael Dailly
Marshal – Jeff Bailey
Standard Bearer – Gavin Gilmour
Inner Guard – Billy McMahon
President of Stewards – Alex Gemmill
Tyler – Allan R. MacGregor



Drew Calderwood
Andy Thompson
Brian Jones
Richard Wilson
Gus Ferguson
Ian Todd
Stuart Brown
Raj Sattar
Ken Stein (Media)


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