Meetings are held at the address below
Duff Memorial Hall
Main Street
G76 8DX
at 7.45pm on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month, from September through to May.

Syllabus for 2019 meetings
12 th Installation Meeting
18 th Regular Meeting EA Bro. Douglas Rathey WSW
1 st Regular Meeting FC Bro. Daryl Collins WJW
2 nd Burns Supper at Giffnock Bowling Club
13 th Visitation to Lodge Eaglesham 1265 – FC
15 th Regular Meeting MM Installing Masters
1 st Regular Meeting EA Lodge Douglas 1557
15 th Regular Meeting PGL Visitation & Lecture.
29 th Visitation to Lodge Kilbryd 1667 – EA
5 th Regular Meeting FC Lodge St. John Busby 458
10 th Visitation to Lodge McLaren 1688 – FC
19 th No Meeting – Good Friday
25 th Visitation to Lodge Barns O’ Clyde 1018 – MM
26 th Sportsman’s Dinner at Lodge St. John Busby 458
3 rd Regular Meeting MM Bro. Jamal Issa-Lavelle IG
10 th Visitation to Lodge Douglas 1557 – FC
17 th Regular Meeting EA Lodge St. Andrew 524
15 th Golf Outing to Kinross Golf Club
6 th Regular Meeting FC Lodge McLaren 1688
20 th Regular Meeting MM by Bro. Gavin Johnston JD
2 nd Visitation to Lodge St. John Busby 458 – FC
4 th Regular Meeting EA Lodge Eaglesham 1265
8 th Visitation to Lodge St. Andrew 524 – EA
18 th Regular Meeting FC Lodge Barns O’ Clyde 1018
1 st Regular Meeting MM Bro. Greg Turner SD
9 th Annual Lodge Festival at the Redhurst Hotel
15 th Regular Meeting AGM
6 th Regular Meeting MMM Bro. Ian Gunning IPM
January 2020
11 th Installation Meeting

G&F & Instruction Class Dates
21 st January
18 th March
29 th April
9 th September
21 st October
11 th November

RWM Bro. Stephen Blanchflower

07983 121078
WSW Bro. Douglas Rathey
07814 383529
WJW Bro. Daryl Collins
07979 530681
Secretary Bro. Ron Riley PM
07487 804885
Treasurer Bro. Alistair Tait
0141 644 2172
07931 988924
Almoner Bro. Alick Currie P.M
0141 621 1389
07721 661502
Could Brethren please note that
all Test Fees must be paid by
Friday 4 th October 2019.

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