Meetings are held in the Masonic Temple
17-19 Queen Street
at 7.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, from September through to April, and the 2nd Tuesday only during May, June, July and August.

1ST                        FRI 29TH DEC 2017
2ND                      TUES 9TH JAN 2018
3RD                      TUES 23RD JAN 2018
MMM                   TUES 13TH FEB 2018
1ST                        TUES 27TH FEB 2018
2ND                      TUES 13TH MAR 2018
3RD                       TUES 27TH MAR 2018
MMM                    TUES 10TH APR 2018
1ST                         TUES 24TH APR 2018
2ND                       TUES 8TH MAY 2018
3RD                       TUES 12TH JUNE 2018
1ST                         TUES 10TH JULY 2018
2ND                       TUES 14TH AUG 2018
3RD                       TUES 11TH SEPT 2018
MMM                    TUES 25TH SEPT 2018
1ST                         TUES 9TH OCT 2018
2ND                       TUES 23RD OCT 2018
3RD                       TUES 13TH NOV 2018
MMM                    TUES 27TH NOV 2018
INSTALL               TUES 11TH DEC 2018

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