Meetings are held in the
Douglas Hall
Bosfield Place
East Mains
East Kilbride
G74 4DY
at 7.30pm on the 4th Friday in August, the 2nd Friday in September, and the 2nd and 4th Friday from October through to May

October 2017

22nd General Committee 7pm

27th EA Lodge Douglas 1557


10th FC Lodge Kil bryd 1667

24th EA Lodge Douglas 1557


8th FC Lodge Mclaren 1688

January 2018

12th EA Lodge Douglas 1557

21st General Committee 7pm

26th FC Lodge St John Busby 458 FC


9th MM Lodge St Andrew 524

23rd EA Lodge Douglas 1557


9th FC Lodge Lodge Coila St Andrew1334

23rd EA Lodge Douglas 1557


13th FC Lodge Burnside 1361  Burns Immortal 1730

22nd General Committee 7pm

27th EA Lodge Douglas 1557


11th FC Lodge Eaglesham 1265

25th MM Lodge Douglas 1557



24th MMM Lodge Douglas 1557 PM’s


2nd General Committee 7pm

14th A.G.M.


13th Installation 3.30 Ballerup Hall


3rd Nov Lodge Kil Bryd 1667

10th Jan McLaren 1668

7th Feb Lodge St John Busby 458

14th Feb Lodge Eaglesham 1265 FC

13rd March St Andrew 524 EA


Kids Xmas Party 2nd Dec

Xmas Party 2nd Dec

Burns Supper 3rd Feb

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