Lodge Visitation Teams 2017

Team 1 Team 2
P. Kelly PGSW N. Terras PGJW
B. Shields DOC M. Meldrum Assistant DOC
H. Gilmour Bible Bearer W. MacKay Bard
J. Barton Standard Bearer J. Bailey Inner Guard
A. Gemmill PG Steward D. Murray PG Steward
A. MacGregor PG Steward A. Ferguson PG Steward
Team 3 Team 4
D. Watt PGSD G. Campbell PGJD
A. Greig Architect J. Scott Jeweller
J. Lang Sword Bearer D. Watson Marshal
G. Gilmour Pr. of Stewards W. McMahon Tyler
J. Kavanagh PG Steward R. Polson PG Steward
J. Richardson PG Steward S. Brown PG Steward

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