Library Update


Our library has been undergoing a major upgrade which has of necessity caused some downtime.

The location of the library has also been moved internally and the previous Security Certificate was allowed to expire. For technically minded readers, this was a wildcard SSL certificate and is no longer required.

A new fully secure certificate has been installed covering the rest of the website but anyone visiting the old library location, from perhaps a bookmark, will probably see a dire warning in their browser about an unsafe page. This is misleading as the page is not unsafe, but simply no longer covered by an https certificate.

All pages on PGLRE are served over the https protocol, and although we could allow non-https traffic, we choose not to do so. Therefore, the location of the old library is no longer covered for https traffic, but the new library location will be covered like the rest of the website.

This work will be completed soon. Meanwhile you can safely visit any other area of the website.