Below are a list of papers which are available for presentation in your Masonic Lodge should you wish.  If you think any of these papers would be of interest to your brethren, please contact your Lodge Secretary for contact details of the presenter.


Bro. John S Miller IPPG Master

• Symbolism of the EA Degree

• The Western Wall

• 7 – The Perfect Number

• The Two Saints John (Baptist & Evangelist)

* Hiram Abiff – The Legend

* Address to New Brethren – an explanation of the Initiation Process

* Change – Minimum of 6 weeks between Degrees

Bro. Dr. Iain McPhee PS PG Master

• Freemasonry and the military: case studies examining ambiguities in allegiance and obligation.

• Is intoxication a natural drive or a vicious indulgence? A humorous and thought provoking paper on substance use.

• Freemasonry and the temperance movements – a moral and hypocritical condemnation of drug use.

• Japanese prisoners of war and their influence on The Lodge of Erskine ritual.

• The Intender training programme in PGLRE – A strategy for success in retention and progression of     new members.

• The art of presenting – using audio visual aids in delivering a masonic presentation.


Bro. Rev. Robert Craig PG Chaplain

• Freemasonry under the Jackboot – an examination of the historical development of Freemasonry in Jersey culminating in the Nazi occupation and oppression of masons during WW2. 1/2 Hour length.

• Spirituality in Freemasonry – some thoughts on the meaning of spirituality and how this is expressed in freemasonry. 1/2 Hour length.

• The Eternal Branch – an examination of the symbolism of the acacia spring in antiquity, the bible and the craft. 1/2 Hour length.

• The New Testament World (non-masonic) – a look at the political and religious climate in the world between the Old and New Testaments. 1/2 Hour length.

Bro. Craig also has a very short (10 minute) lecture entitled “Charity: A Legacy for the World?”

Bro. Stephen Forster PM 1386, Honorary Grand Junior Deacon

• The Inniskillen Apron – This is paper with hand out illustrations, discussing the 44 embroidered Masonic symbols on the old Irish Apron.

• The Order of Eri – Paper on a defunct Order which was partially reintroduced in England under the Rosicrucian Order.

• The Early Grand Encampment of Scotland – Historical paper on the body which eventually became part of the RA and KT bodies in Scotland.

• The Essenes – Short Paper on this Jewish Sect. Non Masonic.

• The Search for Hiram Abiff – Self Explanatory.

• Genesis and Evolution of the Mark Degree in Freemasonry.

• The Mark Master Degree (In Scotland).

• Notorious and Naughty Masons – Paper on Freemasons who have been un-Masonic in their activities.

• Nomenclature of Scottish Lodges – the analysis of Lodge names.

• An Early Royal Ark Mariner Ritual – Ritual which contained Christian References of Circa 1820.

• Innovation, Imagination and Inventiveness – talk on the expansion of Masonic Degrees 1680 to present.)

• Our Masonic Forebears – Innovative, Impatient and Irregular – Paper on how the fertile minds of Freemasons led to around 1430 degrees being created in Europe.

• Allah Akbar – A Paper on the faith of Islam – General rather than Masonic.

• A Cameo on the Evolution of the Third Degree – geneses and development of the MM Degree.

• The Torgau Statutes – the government of German Operative Lodges in the 15th. Century with some reference to German Masons possibly involved in the building of Kilwinning, Holyrood, Kelso Abbeys.

• The Contending Claims to Antiquity of the Lodges Mother Kilwinning No. 0; The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No. 1 and Glasgow St. John No. 3 bis.

• The Veils in Royal Arch Masonry – Self Explanatory.

• Other Masons’ Masonry – discussing other Orders and Rites of Freemasonry. Still active but much lesser known – The Order of Martinism; Allied Masonic Degrees; the present Order of Eri, American Degrees, Knights Benificent of the Holy City, Knights Grand Cross of St. John of Jerusalem, etc.

• Some Long Forgotten Ceremonies of Freemasonry – Paper on some degrees which have disappeared over time.

• The Copy Cats – Paper on pseudo Masonic organizations.

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