Intender Training

The PGL: RE education strategy plan has several key objectives of increasing retention, raising the minimum standards of chairmanship and leadership in progressive offices, and securing the long term aims of the programme by training several brethren to deliver the training programme.

The education strategy acts as a catalyst to shift the emphasis and purpose of lodge working from simply making Masons, to that of developing active and involved Masons who are interested in learning more about our Fraternity.

Each Intender training level is completed over 2 full days or three evening including assessment.  Since the programme was conceived in 2012, we have had the training content of level 1 and level 2 assessed by qualified SQA assessors.

We offered training places on the Level 1 courses to the Sister Provinces. From that offer brethren from Renfrewshire West and Stirlingshire enrolled on both level 1 and level 2 training.


Level 1 Intender

Aims: to develop communication skills, and forge effective learning relationships with new members.


  • Effective Learning Relationships
  • Providing and Receiving Feedback
  • Active Listening, Problem Solving & Goal Setting
  • Developing Action Learning Plans

Level 2 Intender

Aims: to develop leadership, chairmanship and effective training skills.


  • Leadership, Motivation & Team Building
  • Decision Making & Prioritisation
  • Chairmanship & Meeting Planning
  • The Effective Trainer

We plan to run 2 level 1 intender training events and 1 level 2 training events annually.  To enquire about the Intender programme please visit the contact page by clicking here and select either I. McPhee or Intender Co-ordinator as your recipient.

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