Ian Bell Memorial Degree

There were around 95 brethren at the Ian Bell Memorial Degree – hosted this year at Lodge Craigends 1042 on Thursday 15th November.

The brethren were warmly welcomed by Bro. Ian Climson, RWM of Lodge Craigends.

This is the 3rd year that this annual special degree has been performed in the Province of Renfrewshire East.

The Province has 37 lodges spanning a large area and the original idea from the late Bro. Ian Bell PM Sec of Lodge St Andrew No. 524 was to find a way of bringing both sides of the Province together.

Back row: The Reigning Masters who conferred the EA Degree.
Front row: Alick Currie, David Reid, Robert McPhee, Connor Adair, Ian Climson, Davie Bell, Gavin Burt and Ronnie Fraser.

Reigning Masters from one side of the Province perform a Reigning Masters’ Degree on the other side of the Province and the idea has proven to be a great success for the third time in a row.

Monies raised at the Ian Bell Memorial Degree are donated to Marcus Humphrey House Masonic Home.

Ian Bell’s son, Derek Bell, PM said: “The degree itself was superb, especially considering the fact it was 12 RWMs working off separate rituals with no rehearsal. The team can certainly be very proud of their performance”.

“Between the collection and raffle £530 was raised on behalf of Marcus Humphrey House, so all in all a successful night. I am sure my Dad would have thoroughly enjoyed it too”.

Derek also said that “on behalf of my family, it’s great that my Dad’s idea is being kept alive and we are proud that the event has been named in his honour”.

DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee said “It was an honour to have led the PGL Deputation and to witness such a fine Reigning Master’s Degree – which was made all the more poignant given that it was the Ian Bell Memorial Degree”.

DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee, Bro. Alexander Climson SD 1042 (Proposer), Bro. Connor Adair, RWM Bro. Ian Climson (Seconder)

The DPGM also stated that the new Entered Apprentice, Bro. Connor Adair’s First Degree was unique.

He said: “Not everyone gets their first degree from a team of Reigning Masters. I’m sure Bro. Connor will look back with many fond memories of his Initiation into the Freemasonry and we wish him all the very best with his Masonic journey”.

The following RWM’s who took part in the EA degree were:

Head of deputation and reception – Davie Bell 1667

Obligation – Keith Walton 1361

Signs and secrets – Allan Ramsay MacGregor 1265

Apron – Niven Wilson 347

North East Corner – Ian Gunning 1359

Tools – Robert Sinclair 1453

Mode & Manner – George Kirk 524

Tracing board – John Clark 1557

Charge & WSW – Michael Meldrum 1688

WJW – Stuart Wilson 458

WSD – Drew Calderwood 153

WJD – Pat Kelly 116

Next year’s is in The St. Johns’ Operative No.347 with date to be confirmed.