Honorary Grand Rank for Bro. Sandy Balmer

The PGLRE Annual Visitation to Lodge St Christopher No.1435 on Friday, 1st February, turned into a special evening for Bro. Alexander ‘Sandy’ Scott Balmer PM.

SPGM Bro Ronnie Fraser, Bro. Sandy Balmer PM and RWM of 1453 Bro. Robert Sinclair.

For at the end of the visit – during which the lodge received a clear minute – SPGM Bro. Ronald Fraser, acting on behalf of PGM Bro. Neil Fraser, presented Bro. Balmer with the Honorary Grand Rank of Sword Bearer.

The SPGM warmly congratulated Bro. Balmer noting that he had been in the Chair of Lodge St Christopher no less than 10 times and had been an enthusiastic and frequent visitor to lodges within this Province as well as further afield in Ayrshire, Glasgow and other surrounding Provinces.