Honorary Grand Rank for Bro. Ian Rennie PM

When it comes to dress code Bro. Ian Hector Rennie is just as happy in motorcycle leathers as in his Masonic regalia,

However, the PM of Lodge McLaren No.1688 was properly dressed for a very special ceremony in his Mother Lodge on Wednesday, 12 December.

A total of 65 brethren witnessed the past president of the Masonic motorcycle group the Widows Sons Scotland being presented with the Honorary Grand Rank of Librarian by PGM Bro. Neil Fraser.

Bro. Ian Rennie (centre) flanked by PGM Bro. Neil Fraser and RWM of 1688, Bro. Michael Meldrum

The PGM recalled that as a member of the Widows Sons, Bro. Ian had been involved in visiting many of the Provinces throughout the country during the series of wreath laying ceremonies in a hugely successful fundraising joint venture by Grand Lodge of Scotland and Poppyscotland this autumn.

He also congratulated Bro. Ian for his highly valued services to Freemasonry over many years.

Following the presentation ceremony the brethren witnessed a live EA Degree conferred by The St. Johns Operative Lodge No.347.