Greetings Brothers and Fellows,

My name is Ron Hudson and I am here on travel from the United States.  I am a member of Orange Park Masonic Lodge No. 267 F.&AM of Orange Park, Fl and would love the opportunity to sit in lodge with the brothers of Scotland and the United Kingdom.  Currently I am residing in Paisley but I do have a vehicle and can travel outwards from here.  My email address is  This may seem a little unorthodox but I was unsure the best way to reach to any of the local lodges.  Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


Ron Hudson

Ron Hudson

Raised 24 January 2015, I am an active duty Sailor in the US Navy. I am in the United Kingdom until November on travel. I am quite interested in visiting as many lodges as I can while here and look forward to any opportunity to fellowship with the brothers here! My home Lodge is Orange Park No. 267. We are a Blue Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Florida under direction of M:.W:. Stanley Hudson. The Master of my Lodge is W:. Richard Bilyard II.