Fund Raising for MacMillan by 1218 PM


Macmillan cancer care carry out invaluable work when assisting people or their families when cancer is diagnosed to a loved one and  I think everybody on this site has/ have or will know somebody that has been affected with this dreadful disease.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in January and has completed three sessions of chemotherapy but unfortunately the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. Macmillan has given great advice, support and generally” an ear to listen to” for my mum and it is because of their kindness I am running three half marathons to raise funds for the good service that they carry out.

The three half marathons are

Great North run – Newcastle 11/09/2016
Great Scottish run – Edinburgh 18/09/2016
Scottish half marathon – Glasgow 02/10/2016

I will be going around with sponsor forms but was hoping that you could possibly include something on this site to publicise the above fund raising attempt. I have also set up a fund raising page to help raise funds

Barry Dempster