Daughter Lodge Websites


Following several rounds of exhaustive testing on multiple permutations of setups we are now ready to offer our daughter lodges a website of their own.

We know there are plenty of brethren who will need almost no help at all to get up and running, and others who may need the initial creation done on their behalf by the IT Team.

We are ready, willing, and able to provide any level of support not only at the outset, but ongoing for as long as necessary to assist in the development of the web presence of all lodges in Renfrewshire East.

Any new system will seem a little strange at first, but after a little prowling around it will become apparent that the basics of creating new pages, and adding text and photos to those pages is very easy to do and requires no more than a few mouse clicks, or finger taps for tablet users, and a little typing or copying and pasting.

Each “Starter Site” will have a few pages already made and these can be edited in minutes, or deleted and replaced by new ones just as quickly. We will assist at every step of the way.

Each Daughter Lodge website will be a completely autonomous entity with its content decided by its own lodge. There will be no meddling from PGLRE except to offer help when required and to assist in complying with all relevant legislation and guidelines.

Each lodge will be able to take advantage of multiple features already available in the admin section provided by PGLRE and may appoint as many admin users as they see fit. Each of these admin users can be given different levels of administrative privileges to edit different parts of the Lodge website. A main administrator (or two) can control this process with ease.

We won’t list all of the features here as there are literally dozens of them, but attention to detail has been extensive.

We have a list of lodges who have waited patiently for this moment to arrive and we will be contacting them over the next few days, but any lodge within the Province of East Renfrewshire may take advantage of this superb opportunity.

Simply use the Contact Page, and select the Webmaster as the recipient and make your interest known.