Daughter Lodge Free Websites


At long last and after several false starts the finishing touches have been made to all aspects of providing Daughter Lodges of PGLRE with a free website.

We appreciate your patience and can only offer our sincere apologies for the delay.
It seems as if every time we thought we were at the finishing line another issue revealed itself, but we are now ready to rock and roll.

We have spent more than 250 computer hours making sure every detail has been covered although no doubt a few minor ones will crop up, but both myself and Joe will be on hand to assist with any teething troubles and to provide ongoing 24 / 7 help and support.

I can’t emphasise how huge a task this has been and midnight phone calls have not been uncommon and there have been times I have felt overwhelmed by the extensive nature of what has been created. I can only say that I now appreciate the times when I was told, “that’s ok but not good enough for PGLRE, let’s do it again”.

This announcement has been left to me and I would therefore ask all those Lodges who have already expressed their interest or any new ones who would like to know more.

Please use the CONTACT PAGE BY CLICKING HERE and select Webmaster as the recipient, and we will set the ball rolling for your lodge.