Christmas Cheer at Lodge Inchinnan No.1405

It’s as traditional as mince pies, holly and mistletoe – the race to pack the PGLRE Christmas parcels

The event took place – as in previous years – in the premises of Lodge Inchinnan No.1405 on Sunday, 12th December.

It took just 34 minutes for a well-drilled team of Brethren to fill all 412 bags of groceries and seasonal treats – a new record time for the number of large goodie bags filled.

Goodie bags packed and ready to go. In foreground PGM Bro. Neil Fraser. Santa (aka PSPGM Bro. Willie Fleming) and DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee. In the background the full team of helpers.

The brightly coloured bags were then collected by representatives of daughter lodges for distribution to the homes of people throughout the Province who, for one reason or another, appreciate a little extra help.

Pallets of groceries arrive from Morrisons ready for the hard work to start

The bag-filling and distribution is the culmination of weeks of planning and hard work by PGM Bro, Neil Fraser and his team that involves ordering the goods from Morrisons who supply them at discounted prices.

PGM Bro. Neil Fraser in supervisory mode while others get on with the unpacking

Then there is the task of collecting pallets of groceries and moving them to the Inchinnan lodge where they are unpacked and piled up on tables for the parcel-packing team to swing into action.

The tins and packets of goodies are all unloaded and ready to be packed into bags for distribution by Brethren.

PGM, Bro. Neil Fraser thanked all the Brethren concerned for their time and effort in making up and delivering the parcels, Morrisons for the part they played and Lodge Inchinnan for providing the premises.

He said: “We are proud of our tradition of giving a helping hand to those who need it, especially at this time of year. Many recipients appreciate the visit as much the Christmas parcel itself.”