Changes in society reflected in Freemasonry?


During a very interesting conversation with a couple of PM’s on Thursday night the subject of new members to Freemasonry was raised, what they expect, what they experience, and how we treat them.

One word grabbed my attention, well, they all did, but this one in particular hit the button for me so to speak. We all know that history and tradition play an incalculable and difficult to quantify role in our organisation, and without a doubt there are many who see change as something to be discouraged.

However, there is no question society has changed in a way few could have imagined just 20 years ago, and we now see younger men joining our craft who have never known life without the internet, they have never had to make a phone call from a phone box (I can’t think where the nearest one actually is) and their access to information and knowledge is unparalleled in human history.

Without a doubt our organisation faces great challenges to maintain its traditions but the word that caught my attention was not the word change, but the word “adapt“.

How we adapt to the society in which we now live and the measures we put in place to grow within a speedily changing environment will have a huge bearing on the future of our craft. There is no simple magic solution to what lies ahead, but we must accept that our society has changed and we must adapt our organisation to reflect that.

Yes, there are those who see any form of change as a bad thing, but common sense surely tells us that we must adapt or run the risk of marginalising our newer and younger members.

The word “adapt” really got me thinking. Such a small word. Only five letters.

But it really had an effect as I constantly hear people grumbling about change, and as I feel the word adapt is more appropriate I personally will be using it more often.

There is no disrespect intended by the following photo as I realise without those who have gone before we would not be where we are now, but it made me smile and as I’m stuck in front of a PC at 10pm on a Saturday night I could definitely do with a chuckle.

All of the above is merely an opinion and you may disagree as you see fit. Discussion is healthy.

grumpy past masters