Calling all lodges !


The days of quill pens scratching words of wisdom on parchment paper by candlelight are long gone.
The information technology genie is not going back in the bottle.

quill penDespite this revolution in the ability to communicate information around the world almost instantly, we find that lodges in our province often have no idea what other lodges are doing on a weekly basis.

The exception is of course a basic syllabus published on the calendar here.

I would like to ask each lodge to publish one blog post per month here on the website. Perhaps each lodge secretary could organise this or delegate to any member?

This post can be on any subject. It can be as simple as a quick “last nights meeting was great”, or “the pies were superb” or something with a little more meat on it.

Let’s start to communicate what is happening in our province.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable posting can visit the contact page, select Webmaster as the recipient, and send me their message and I will insert it.