Cakes and coffee at Lodge Moorpark

Jam sponge, chocolate and vanilla slice – cakes, like Freemasons – come in all shapes and sizes and many varieties were there to the tempt the tastebuds of the large gathering Brethren, their friends and family who turned up at the Coffee Morning held on Saturday, 16th February.

The event was held in the premises of Lodge Moorpark No.1263 in Renfrew to raise money and increase awareness of Prostrate Scotland. The new lapel badges promoting the charity were available and sold well.

Organiser of the event, PPSPGM Bro. Chris Kerr, warmly thanked the Brethren of Lodge Moorpark for the use of their premises and supplying the coffee. He also thanked all who had brought along cakes and assisted with the success of the event.

The next coffee morning will be held in Lodge St Andrew No.524 in East Kilbride on Saturday 2nd March at 10 am.