Battle of the Bards at Lodge Union & Crown No.307

There wasn’t a spare seat when the works of two Masonic poets – Bro. Robert Burns and Bro. Rudyard Kipling – were pitted against each other in a dramatised event held within Lodge Union & Crown in Barrhead on Tuesday, 17th April.

Among the guests welcomed by RWM Bro. Nicol Hynd was a Deputation from Grand Lodge headed by RW Past Depute Grand Master, Bro. Kenneth D. Kennedy, a large Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire East headed by RWPGM, Bro. Russell Logan, and a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East headed by RWPGM, Bro. Neil Fraser.

Prior to the main event there was another dramatic surprise for two long-standing members of Lodge Union & Crown, Bro. Jimmy Laing and Bro. Tom Wilson who were presented with Distinguished Service Diplomas respectively by Grand Treasurer, Bro James Bell and DPGM of Renfrewshire East, Bro. Robert M.McPhee.

Congratulating them, RWPDGM Bro. Kenneth Kennedy said that diplomas of this nature were approved personally by the Grand Master Mason and only given to those who had given service “above and beyond the call of duty.”

DPGM, Bro. Robert M McPhee added: “Bro. Tom Wilson and Bro. Jimmy Laing are highly respected members of Lodge Union and Crown No.307.  They are both true gentlemen who have given so much to their lodge over many years. Presenting these awards was a real honour.  They thoroughly deserve them and we offer our sincere congratulations to both of them.”

The main players from 307 in the dramatisation that followed were RWM Bro. Nicol Hynd, WSW Bro. Ronnie McIsaac and Depute Master, Bro. Bud Gauld accompanied by a series of recitations and songs provided by other members of the lodge in a bid to prove which poet had written the most inspirational Masonic material.

The performance was summed up later by RWPDGM, Bro. Kenneth Kennedy as being “highly entertaining and most enjoyable”.  He also commented on what a delight it was to see the lodge so well-filled.

The dramatisation was followed by an excellent harmony.