And the pies were great too …….


Last night, Friday 16th, The Lodge of Erskine 1566 visited Lodge Inchinnan 1405 and carried out a fine FellowCraft degree with a young EA obviously enjoying the ceremony.

A superb quiz night formed part of the harmony leading to a huge debate around this particular question.

Who, in a Beatles song, “gathered the rice at a church where a wedding had been”?

steak pie

Eleanor Rigby and Father Mackenzie were the prime suspects – who do you think was guilty?

Answers below, and no “Googleing” the answer please !

And yes, the pies were great too.

Steak, none of your inferior mince thank you very much

Well done to Brother Malky for preparing the food

The next meeting at Inchinnan is on March 2nd, an EA degree with another candidate.

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