Alternative visits

Hello Brethren,

last night I had much pleasure attending Lodge The King’s Park No.1386. What made me attend? Two reasons, firstly to visit a lodge which I hadn’t been to before and secondly to take in a presentation on Robert W. Service. I wasn’t aware who he was but thought it would make a pleasant change from going to see the usual 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree work elsewhere.

On entering Lodge 1386 I was greeted with a warmth second to none. Initially I didn’t know anyone, so it was quite daunting, but my fears and concerns were soon put at ease by the IPM and the brethren of 1386.

The  presentation itself was carried out by Bro. David Vennard PM Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning No4 and  it was educational, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. Bro David’s rendition of ” The haggis of Private McPhee ” was nothing short of stunning. It has definitely inspired me to research into other works of Robert W. Service.

All in all it was a great night, so if you fancy a change from the usual degree work, then I can recommend a visit to Lodge 1386, not only for the warmth from the brethren but to take in future guest speakers, you won’t be disappointed. Also if you get the chance to see Bro David Vennard speak, take it, his passion and knowledge of the subject matter has me in awe.

Fraternally yours