A Website For Your Lodge

Whether or not your lodge already has a website, or hasn’t yet managed to unravel the mysteries of that dreaded language known as techie-speak, we are here to help !

Firstly for lodges without a website, we can quickly and simply create an ¬†independent¬†website for you here at PGLRE whereby your website address would be along these lines… www . lodge-no-website . pglre . org

websiteYour lodge site would be completely autonomous from PGLRE with your choice of content. With the click of a few buttons you can select a design and colour scheme to match your lodge colouring. A few pages will automatically be created for you with text which you easily replace with your own words.

Creating more pages and adding photos requires no more than choosing a name for your new page and basic typing. Photos can be uploaded from your computer and inserted into your pages in a few clicks.

Probably one of the most important features is you will receive all the help and assistance you require from the IT team here at PGLRE, and will be helping to bring our Province closer together as a large community of Freemasons.

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