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Welcome to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East
Free and Accepted Masons

The Digital Library is open with inexcess of 4000 books available, and this number is increasing daily.
Click the link on the menu above to visit. You will need to be registered and logged in to download
a book but happily this process takes all of two minutes to complete.

Charity Zipslide on behalf of Prostate Scotland Final Tally click here

Lodge Thistle and Crown 1167 Centenary Fundraiser

Lectures For Lodges

A list of papers which are available for presentation in your Masonic Lodge should you wish. If you think any of these papers would be of interest to your brethren, please contact your Lodge Secretary for contact details of the presenter. Click Here For Lectures List



Entered Apprentice Degrees | Fellow Craft Degrees | Master Mason Degrees | Mark Degrees

  • Blog – members can leave messages, write articles or generally communicate. Multiple categories.
  • Syllabus – we will publish the syllabus of any and every lodge that would like to be featured.
  • Global Calendar – On any given day we will include all meetings taking place and the work being carried out.
  • Newsletter – subscribe to our newsletter and have a monthly summary of all the Province news delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Recent Posts and Comments – view a list of the most recent blog posts and comments.
  • Contact Us – send a message to any of the backroom team via a secure contact form.
  • Mobile Friendly – the site will adjust its size to fit almost any laptop or tablet size and when viewed with a mobile phone a specially crafted site will appear rather than a shrunken version of this full-sized website which would be mostly unreadable.

We have many more features including two which are of special importance.

Our lending library which contains many hundreds of books about freemasonry and masonic subjects including a huge number of digital ebooks is currently being updated on a daily basis.

This is a laborious task so we ask for your patience as we prepare an easy download and overall pleasant experience. Anyone who has any books they no longer require may donate them to the lending library where they will be gratefully received and read by other members of lodges in the Province.
The lending library is located at Lodge The Royal Stuart 1414


Secondly in an exciting new development we are able to offer any lodge in our Province the facility to have their own website that can be activated simply and quickly, and most importantly managed with the greatest of ease. The ability to type is the only skill required, and one-finger keyboard prodding qualifies.

Choose your own colour scheme, add your lodge logo or badge and some information specific to your lodge and your are ready to roll. The IT team here at Provincial will assist at all times to ensure an easy setup and continued maintenance.