50 Year Diploma for Bro. James Dickie

Bro. James Dickie PM was presented with his 50 Year Diploma by DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee at a special ceremony at Lodge Georgetown No. 1170 on Wednesday 23rd January.

Bro. James Dickie was initiated into Lodge Georgetown No. 1170 on 18th December 1968, was RWM in 1977-78 and was previously a member of PGL Board of Stewards.

DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee, RWM of 1170 Bro. James Kavanagh, Bro. James Dickie PM and Bro. Jimmy Walker PM

He has developed the History of the Lodge and even presented it at the recent 100th Centenary celebrations at the Rededication Ceremony with PGL and during the visit from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He also delivers the lecture to new entrants.

During the evening Bro. Jim Walker PM, who has been a great friend to Bro. James for over 50 years gave a brief and often humorous history of Bro. James Dickie’s Masonic Career – which was well received by all and greatly appreciated by James.

DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee, who has also known Bro. James for almost 20 years congratulated him on reaching this magnificent milestone in his Masonic Career.

He said: “James has given so much to his lodge and to other Masonic orders and we cannot fail to be impressed with the dedication and commitment he has given to his Mother Lodge and to Freemasonry in general”.

On presenting the Diploma, Bro. Robert, accompanied by the RWM Bro. James Kavanagh and Bro. Jim Walker went on to say that “it was a great privilege to present Bro. James with his 50 year Diploma in his own Mother Lodge and in the presence of the brethren from my own Mother Lodge, The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566 and thanked Bro. James for the great service he has given to the Craft.

On receiving his Diploma, Bro. James said how much he has enjoyed his Masonic journey and thanked everyone for making the evening so special.

DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee, Bro. John Thomson and RWM Bro. James Kavanagh

Following the presentation to Bro. James Dickie, the DPGM, accompanied by the RWM Br. James Kavanagh presented a special jewel to recently made Honorary Member, Bro. John Thomson – who has been a great supporter of 1170 for many years. Bro. John was absolutely delighted and thanked the RWM, the Depute PGM and the Lodge for the great honour of being made an Honorary Member.

RWM Bro. James Kavanagh, newsest MM, Bro. Sean Waight an d DPGM Bro. Robert McPhee

Following the presentation an excellent MM Degree was delivered by The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566 on 1170’s candidate Bro. Sean Waight – which was very well received by Bro. Sean and the assembled brethren.