1921 annual degree at Lodge Eaglesham

Hi Brethren,

In a couple of weeks time Lodge Eaglesham 1265 will be hosting the 1921 degree for the lodges formed on 5th May. It is on Saturday May 11th, at 3.00pm at Lodge Eaglesham, Polnoon Street, Eaglesham and it would be great if some brethren from the province could come along and support the Reigning Masters of the different lodges who are conferring a FC degree. The lodges include Lodge Earl Haig 1260, Lodge Battlefield 1258, Lodge Bishopbriggs 1259, Lodge Stanley 1262, Lodge Moorpark 1263, Lodge Water of Leith 1267 and of course the RWM Allan Ramsay MacGregor of Lodge Eaglesham all will be made most welcome. Always an excellent day and evening. This has been going since 1999.