1405 Visiting St Columba 729


On Tuesday 27 th October 2016 the Brethren of St Columba, Govan, No 729 had the pleasure of a deputation from Lodge Inchinnan No 1405 to confer an exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree.

This was another very special evening in the tenure of St Columba’s Master Bro. Tom Robertson as Lodge Inchinnan are one of his adoptive Lodges, the other being Lodge The Royal Stuart No 1414.

1405 and 729
RWM Bro. Crawford Nimmo 1405, Bro Ron Hudson, RWM Bro. Tom Robertson 729 and Bro Greg Stewart, Piper

RWM Bro. Crawford Nimmo led a very large deputation which included a special guest Bro. Ron Hudson. Bro Hudson is an American Citizen, and a member of Lodge Orange Park No 267 F&AM Grand Lodge of Florida.

Ron is working in Scotland for a short period and had approached the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East via this website and had subsequently been introduced to Lodges within the Provence.

The evening was made even more special when Bro. Hudson was invited and agreed to be the candidate for the evening. Bro. Ron Hudson received an excellent degree at the hands of IPM Bob Kerr and the degree team of Lodge Inchinnan No 1405.

The reply on behalf of several visitors, including RWM Bro. Drew Caldwell Lodge Govandale at Govan No 437, was given by RWM John Hunter, The Lodge of Erskine 1566.

The evening ended in superb harmony at which Bro. Ron was presented with small gift from both Lodges to remind him of his evening with his Scottish Brethren. Bro Ron then replied thanking both Lodges and the Brethren for having the Degree conferred upon him, for the very warm welcome he received and for the gifts which he said he would treasure.

He said he would be on the phone the next day to tell his Father all about the occasion, casually mentioning that his Dad was The Grand Master of Florida.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank Bro. Greg Stewart, Lodge Eastmuir No 1126 for adding another Scottish touch by piping in the deputation. Greg has supported Lodge St Columba, Govan No 729 on numerous occasions now and his labours are most appreciated.

Once again thank you to all the Office Bearers and Brethren of 729 for supporting the Lodge, especially PM Ralph Marshal and his Stewards for a lovely meal.

Haste ye all back very soon.

Tom Robertson

RWM St Columba, Govan .No 729.